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Notebooks Notepads

Store Policies


If order is cancelled after payment is made 50% will be refunded (for material used to make the planner) and the refund will be sent within 14 working days.

Please reach out to us on our Instagram, WhatsApp or to cancel your order.

Order Payment and Processing

If payment is not made within 3 business days, your order will be archived. Your order begins processing when proof of payment is received.

Item Personalization

Personalization refers to having your name and/or a quote added to our products for free. When adding your personalization text, please note that the item will be printed as typed by the customer.

Should an error occur on our part when translating the text onto the item, PTJ will take full responsibility and the cover or item (in the case of notepads) will be reprinted and replaced free of charge.

However, if an error is made on the customer’s part (e.g. a spelling or abbreviation error), a replacement fee for materials used will be incurred to the customer. This cost will vary according to the product that was purchased.

Thank you for your understanding!
Ryan and Becky